Get your AEON’s Eternity Privilege Membership NOW! and feel its benefits

Basic Information :
  • Eternity Card can be issued for customers AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City with minimum purchase IDR 100.000 in multiple receipts
  • Eternity Card don’t have expire date of membership
  • All program privilege of shopping card program is full authority from AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City, all regulatory, requirement and decision are inviolable
  • All the process of membership card program only at “Eternity Card privilege” customer service desk on 2nd floor AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City
  • “Eternity Card privilege” customer service desk only open in Operational hours AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City (10.00 am – 10.00 pm)
  • Point rewards not valid for redeem earning transaction/purchase from Bazaar, Booth Exhibition & temporary tenants, ATM, Money Changer.
  • Shopping receipt should be official and computerized. Handwritten or manual receipts are not valid. If the store failed to issue an official and computerized receipt, AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City will turn down the receipt. Except if the receipt can be verified by the store. Valid receipt is dated on the same day
  • There are types of point rewards value validity categorize Membership Card :

    Food Court Point
    IDR 50.000,-/1 point (min IDR 50.000 can combined receipt) valid only in Food Court tenants except Regular point and Special Point tenants

    Regular Point
    IDR 100.000,-/1 point (min IDR 100.000 can combined receipt) valid in all tenants except Special Point tenants

    Special Point with Tiering Categorize :
    1. IDR 750.000,-/1 point  valid in Watches, Optic & Beauty Product, AEON Retail  Tenants, Club Tenants member with member monthly fee min. IDR 750.000
    2. IDR 1,5 million,-/1 point valid in Furniture, Furnishing, Decor & Houseware, Home Gallery, Home Appliances, Office Equipment (office furniture), Musical Instrument, Sport Equipment, Gadget dan Electronics Tenants
    3. IDR 2 million,-/1 point valid in Jewellery  dan Tour & Travel Tenants
Benefit :
Customer can join all privilege of Membership Card program such as :
  • Point Rewards program
  • Grand Prize program
  • Special offers from tenants participants
  • Seasonal Sales Driven Program
  • Seasonal Event Activation